Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island, MA

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island, MA


Stephen Ingraham

    As the Senior Brand Advocate for Birding and Nature Observation for Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, I travel all over the US (and to Europe occasionally) to birding festivals and events, and try to get in some photo time anywhere I go. I have been taking pictures for 50 years. Today I digiscope using Zeiss equipment, and do people, landscape and nature photography with a Sony HX400V superzoom. I use Lightroom for post-processing on the laptop, and Snapseed on Android. You can see more of my work on I am always looking for the beauty and the wonder of God's ongoing creative act. Jesus said, "If you keep your eyes open in wonder and belief, then your whole body will fill with light." Luke 11:34 The Message Bible. My motto: Keep your eyes and heart wide open and your finger on the shutter release. You will be filled with light!